Moving from Awareness to Ownership

Ryan Sieverson
over 2 years agoMarch 15, 2018
Good refresher for me.  I recently took my leadership team through an Acceptance>Ambition>Alignment exercise at an offsite meeting.  It has helped pave the way for our brand's growth now, and well in to the future.
Bill Deliman
over 2 years agoMarch 15, 2018
Yes, good refresher indeed. We have developed our companies OGSM leadership tools and interdepartmental disciplines to keep our strategies and tactics forefront.
Angel del Solar
over 2 years agoMarch 19, 2018
Great reminder, thank you for the video, looking forward to more
Vitaly Geyman
about 1 year agoAugust 2, 2019
Peter great message behavior trumps tactics . My only suggestion is using the word Awareness is really confusing in this Context. I would rather use " If Watching or Observing vs Owning and Responding". "Awareness" is used in personal development in a much deeper sense then you use it.
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